About Us

«Each detail seduces us»

«Fancy Sinner» was named getting inspired by the feeling of women when buying something unexpectedly, evoking the feeling of guilty pleasure.

Being the muse the fabulous city of New York, the brand launches to the the Dominican market,  comfortable and high quality lingerie, being its main slogan «each detail seduces us».

With a modern, clean and comfortable format where you can buy your products online, with door to door delivery, bringing you an experience from the moment you receive it until you show it off. Fancy Sinner offers security and spark to the coquettish woman we all have inside.

The materials bought in the USA, such as lace, fine silks, and others, pretend to maintain the high quality standards and to make limited edition pieces.

Fancy Sinner stands for the women with conviction. Our team in Dominican Republic works hard to bring you classy and super sexy designs, releasing the sweet and wild girl inside you.